Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vol. 1 No. 41 Another reader comes out of the woodwork

From: Roy Benson
Subject: FW: June 1958 addendum: Mr. E. Cunliffe's remarks and oral history


How amazing that this series of re-hashes would elict an email from one of the runners covered in the mag. I was running in Calif from 1961-64 and Cunliffe was a star for Stanford. I got to know Don Bowdon after a ruptured Achilles ended his career and he was slow enuf for me to go jogging with him, A great gentleman.

I used to sneak into the Cal-Berkely locker room to change when I went up there from Alameda USCG base to run on their track. Jerry Seibert and Jack Yerman were running for Cal in those days. I was actually offered a scholarship to Cal when i got out of the CG as a 1:53.4 half miler. Wonder what I could have done if I had accepted????


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