Monday, April 15, 2019

V 9 N. 15 Pictures from Today's 123rd Boston Marathon by Ned Price

This is the second or third year in a row that that our intrepid photographer,  Ned Price,  has been at the 7.9 mile mark at Boston to take pictures of the leaders.  Here they are.

Ned lives near the course and got himself there without running up his expense account. You may recall Ned's work from last year and his historical photos from the U.S. Poland dual meeting in Chicago about 1962.  US Poland Dual Meet   click here.

"I am 82. I drove the first half mile I walked the last half mile. Interval training. "  Ned Price

Lelisa and Cherono 19 miles away from that incredible finish.

Chase pack moving up.

Yuki Kawauchi last year's winner managed a 17th place this year
in 2hr. 15min.  29 sec.
Worknesh Degefa (1st)  breaking away from the pack.  Nothing ventured, nothing gained.
Last year's winner Desiree Linden (5th) along side Jordan Hasay (3rd)

"Nice photos!  Far cry from when we called Bill Rodgers running store from the HPL for a live update." Dave Elger

V 10 N. 72 Remembering Charlie Moore Olympic Gold 1952 400IH R.I.P.

Walt Murphy brought this news to our attention on his blog This Day in Track and Field. The notes below are from Olympedia....