January 1964
This issue is 48 pages, the largest T&FN has published, dwarfing the previous largest, the 1960 Olympic issue, by 50%. The recent indoor news is sandwiched between the world rankings and lists and the US rankings and lists. The cover is graced by the smiling face of C.K. Yang, the magazine's 1963 Athlete of the Year.
As mentioned when he broke his friend, Rafer Johnson's, decathlon record, the deciding factor was the pole vault where the development of the fiberglass pole was the deciding margin. Johnson's marks were better in 7 of the 10 events and take away the pole vault, Johnson holds the edge. On the other hand, Yang has so thoroughly dominated the year's decathlon competition that he has outscored the second best performer, Germany's Willie Holdorf, by 1036 points.