Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vol. 1 No. 40 More on June 58

Finally got to my lst varsity year, 1957-1958.

1) I have no recollection of ever running an open 880 at the California Relays in Modesto . Must be true since I just read it. I had always thought that I had been
2-0 vs Arnie Sowell as I defeated him at Coliseum Relays and then the next day up in San Francisco area at the Pacific AAU meet. Think it was in 59.
Of interest since I coached his son at the AF Academy where he was a miler and 2 miler, but nothing close to his Dad except alot taller. But of the shame at Modesto
if I lost to Jack Wilcox of Fresno State and Maynard Orme of Cal.

2) My big moment in the 1958 Big Meet, Cal vs Stanford at Stanford. Don Bowden had previously run and won the mile in a fairly average time for him, so I went out
fast (not a surprise to those who knew how I ran) and won as Don let me get too far ahead. I won in 1:50.2 which was my official best time my lst year of varsity. And yes
it was his lst ever 880 defeat.

George, Stanford ran against Cal at the Texas Relays in Spring of 58. We got 2nds in both sprint medley and 2 mile relay. I anchored both vs Bowden and actually kept up
with him for a while in both races, but the quality came out and I finished a ways back although I had been given the baton a fairly good distance behind him. I ran 1:50 in one
of the races and high 1:50s in the other. This made the T & F News issue probably around May. I also ran in NCAA meet with an elimination effort in the lst round. Hopefully that
did not make T & F News! I also was in the High School 1955 T & F info summary for 1:54.7 880 from Claremont H.S. CA 1955, which was just behind Bobby Mosshart in Texas and I
think Bob Shankland (Arizona?) . I do not recall either of their times, but think that Bobby was 1:53.9 and Shankland was a tenth or two ahead of me = I was #3 in US for high school that year. I might be confusing Shankland's year as I also read the all time list for 880 as of 1955, of course headed by Bowden.

I've enjoyed Roy's e mails thus far and look forward to issues in which I appeared once in a while, 1959-1963. Nothing again until 1984 when my 400 runner Alonzo Babers won the 2
Golds in LA & I was mentioned as his coach. Maybe Roy can find a finishing kick for me and thus move my time and places up some !! By the way, my sister Barbara did not graduate from Claremont H.S. but Fullerton H.S. 1949. Perhaps you did not know that.

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