Thursday, September 1, 2011

Vol. 1 No. 42 More from other corners of the planet

Cc: "George Brose" Hi Ernie

I am one of George's old mates from Oklahoma days. Thanks for going through the old Track and Field mags. When I was a boys growing up in Johannesburg it was essential reading for an aspiring track runner. Great memories.


Neville Soll
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From: Goerge Brose
To: ernie cunliffe
Subject: Re: Strange Coincidence

Well, Ernie, your musings certainly interest me, and I can only believe they interest a lot of the other guys who read this. Phil Scott is one, and Steve Price, and Bill Schnier always tell me how they enjoy everything about it. I'm sure if any our readers have a halfway literary inclination they would send some of their thoughts on to everybody else. For the most part we are just getting to the point where careers merge with the period, (ie. late 50's onward), Let's see what happens. So far no one has gotten argumentative, which might be fun too. Anyway, you are all certainly encouraged to forward this stuff to your friends and make comments as well. George

--- On Sat, 8/20/11, ernie cunliffe wrote:

From: ernie cunliffe
Subject: Strange Coincidence
Date: Saturday, August 20, 2011, 10:29 AM

With all this track stuff and high school running, this am when I was out weeding my driveway, a car drove up and a pretty big guy got out.
I had no idea who it was until he introduced himself. It was my old hs coaches son who is now a highway patrolman in Utah. He is 61 which
of course made me feel old. I had not seen him in well over 15-20 years when he was still in the Air Force. My coach died probably 10 yrs ago
and would be 86 now. Anyway, the son has a son in the Army who is in late 30s and is stationed here at Ft Carson in Colo Springs.

I wonder who will next show up, maybe Jimmy Carter to remodel my house or to explain why we boycotted the Moscow Olympics when I was
going to be an Ass't Manager. My Dad had purchased tickets for the Games through an agent who dealt with the Russians. I think we got maybe
60 cents on the dollar back from the total price of 5 tickets.

I wonder how really interested all the people are that you include on the e mailings regarding an old guy retelling the good old days of T & F?


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Anonymous said...

I, for one, always enjoy comments from the "old guys."

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