Wednesday, April 18, 2018

V 8 N. 27 Patrick Warburton Track Man? Not So!!!!

Yesterday as editor of the now infamous track blog  Once Upon a Time in the Vest  I got pranked by one of my partners, Roy Mason,  a man who over the years I've come to trust like I trust like the crack dealer at the end of my block.  Roy sent me the information below about the athletic prowess of Patrick Warburton seen below.  I published it without verification and the most important bits of the story turned out to be untrue.  Roy knew this and I suppose was testing me for bigger and better things.  I failed the test.  Below is his tell tale lie and the follow up from friends who read the article. Roy can rest assured that there will be middle of the night visits to his domocile with what cast upon his roof I yet do not know.  George

This note came in from my co-conspirator Roy Mason who is a close friend of Eric Tweit longtime coach at Newport Harbor HS.    Surely you all know Patrick Warburton.  He's the easily recognizable face of National Car Rental Commercials. 

As he is currently on TV in National Car Rental Commercials, I thought it proper to bring you up to speed on Patrick Warburton's connection to our email group.  Patrick is better known as David Puddy, Elaine's boyfriend in Seinfeld.  Though born in New Jersey, he grew up in Orange County where he attended Servite HS in Anaheim before transferring to Newport Harbor High where he ran 1:54.8 for Eric.  You can check this out on Wikipedia.  It is a small world and we are all connected.  You will never view a National Car Rental commercial the same way again.  Roy

Patrick Wharbuton  National Car Rental Commercial

Early this morning my former friend and co-conspirator sent this missive to deconsecrate what is printed above.   My apologies if you have lost money and face by passing on this false information. Lesson learned:

The claim of "fake news" is everywhere but we have finally created news of indisputable fakery.  The email I sent re Patrick Warburton had only a drop of truth in the whole cup.  Patrick W. did attend Newport Harbor and likely did run for Eric.....but it would have been in a PE class.  I was hoping for an "Oh, my God, really" response to which I would have fessed up.  Everyone would have slapped their knee and said, "That Roy, he's such a joker".  Not even Eric replied.  (I'd asked Eric this a couple years ago.  He didn't remember the guy.)  

Instead, as it was a slow news day at OUTV, you ran with it.  As editor, you are now faced with the conundrum of admitting our error or allowing it to ride.  If you take the second course, there is a chance that our slight deviation from the truth will go unnoticed thereby reflecting the size and/or interest of our readership but also creating a cloud of guilt that will hang over your head the rest of your life.

Here are some of the comments that poured in after the cat was let out of the bag.

   Don't worry about that Patrick Warburton misinformation.  Just tweet it out again and half the US will willingly accept it as gospel.  Put your fears aside, the plan has proven to work thousands of times this past year.     Bill

Dear Roy & George:
I ran a 2:02.2 in H.S.! - And, that's a fact!
Can I get in a rental car commerical? 
Maybe they have a new Senior Discount Program?
John Bork

PS: Roy, Are You running for President now?
John neglects to mention that he also won the NCAA 880 in 1:48 for Western Michigan in 1961  with that 2:02.2 as a base in high school.   Ed.

It is not generally known that Miley Cyrus threw the discus 193' 7" in middle school.  Ned Price

Years ago there was a newsletter I subscribed to about college FB recruiting. The guy who did all the leg work was a mailman, but he knew recruiting down pat. So much so that competing services began to copy his picks. So he created a phony left tackle who 6’8”/310 and ran the 40 in 4.7. He was a straight A student and had a 36” vertical jump. They all fell for it and copied his fictional HS kid, and one of them even made this guy HS AA. After that the problem was solved.  Pete Brown

HAHAHA! He fooled me as well! Lol. Too funny.  Jeff Allen

Tch  Tch     Richard Trace

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