Monday, April 16, 2018

V 8 N. 26 Two Hot Photos from Today's Boston Marathon

Taken at 7.8 miles just before West Natick train station.     39 degrees.   Linden and Kawauchi.

with permission from Ned Price, former UCTC runner and occasional contributor to this blog. Great job, Ned.

Desiree Linden  Black Shoes (Brooks?) and green sleeves  third from right.

Yuki Kawauchi in his 4th marathon this year.  Went out hard from get go, came back, went out again, and destroyed leader with four Km to go.

When she took the lead today, Linden seemed so focused almost in a trance.  Never looked around or smiled until her last three strides.  Afterward interviewed in the cold she seemed very fragile almost uncelebratory. She has taken the big names off the leaderboard.  Hail the new queen of American distance running.  

Kawauchi was just the opposite in post race.  Even said he loved today's weather conditions.  What is not to like about 39 degrees, rain, and gale force headwinds for 26 miles.  He's run 76 marathons under 2hr 20 min., this is his fourth one this year. Yuki was carrying some cajones the others left on the kitchen table.  He's broken many of the rules and yet maxed his effort right on schedule.  

Once again the networks teamed a knowledgeable commentator with a novice and the result was something synchronous to  me commenting on the Ballet Russe alongside Misty Copeland.  

George Brose

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