Thursday, June 2, 2016

V 6 N. 42 Some Tid Bits Hopefully to Your Liking

My colleague and co-conspirator Mr. Roy Mason sent me this little ditty yesterday.

In watching the  NBA playoffs - Go Warriors - I was intrigued with the intense play of Steven Adams of Oklahoma City (bearded white guy with one arm heavily tattooed, 7-0, 255).  Knew he was from New Zealand, but no more.  Love the internet.  Looked him up.  He is the youngest of 18 kids his English dad had with 5 women.  The big news, track fans, is that his sister is Valerie Adams, the Olympic gold medalist in 2008 and 2012.  Now, aren't you glad you know me?  This information is available nowhere else. 
Steven Adams,  Man in Transition

Well, factually speaking, the information is out there, but I was totally unaware.
However I will be the first to admit I was particularly drawn to Steven Adams while watching the OKC  Warriors series for his size and photogenic character.  Also that is the same name my grandfather sported after going through Ellis Island as Stanislaus Adamowicz and confounding the immigration officers with his family monnicker.    Adams is listed as hailing from Rotorura, New Zealand, which any track and field expert will remember is the NZ home of Jack Foster, the 40 year old marathoner who broke the stereotyping in that event in the 1972 Olympics.

Valerie Adams Throwing

Don't mess with my little brother Steven!

Thanks, Roy.    Now if readers  will drop down  you will find some stunning track and field film taken in Birmingham,England in 1901 and  1902.   Nice editing and commentary with musical background fully appropriate to the times.  This appeared on Walt Murphy's blog recently.   A longer cut can be found on youtube.

1901 Birmingham England Track Meet

1902 Birmingham England Track Meet

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