Tuesday, May 31, 2016

V 6 N. 41 Mike Agostini R.I.P.

The IAAF website noted the passing of Mike Agostini.

Mike Agostini

If my memory is correct Mike was one of the early athletes who were suspected of taking under the table payments from meet organizers  when runners were being given a pittance to appear and compete at meets, while officials lived the high life.
Agostini winning 1954 Empire Games in Vancouver

Ira Murchison leading Agostini in Melbourne 100 Semis

Agostini started life in Trinidad in 1935, became an accomplished sprinter making the 100 meter finals in Melbourne in 1956, ran for Fresno State, and is seen online in a Villanova uniform.  After retiring from track competitions he emigrated to Australia and started several sports magazines including one called "Track and Field".   He was also an accomplished author and most recently published   "Death, The Ultimate Orgasm".    See Amazon link below.

Death, the Ultimate Orgasm

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