Wednesday, May 11, 2016

V 6 N. 36 Jose Luis Munoz Olympic Games Volunteer seeking assistance to attend the Games in Rio

Jose Luis Munoz comes to us highly recommended by one of our readers, Mike Solomon.  Jose was selected to be a volunteer by the USOC in Rio to provide assistance to US Olympic athletes at the US Olympic House during the Games.   Jose is graduating this week (Masters Degree) from the University of Kansas.  See the Go Fund Me Link below to learn more about Jose's efforts to go to Rio.   Jose came to the University of Kansas on a track scholarship but was injured with several serious stress fractures that terminated his competitive running career.   In the gofundme site there are several pictures of Jose in a USA uniform.  These were publicity photos done by the USOC for another purpose, so these are merely modeling picutres of the uniform, not team participation photos.

Thank you so much!
I am trying to collect as much money as I can before June 1st so I can start booking my flight and hotel. Below is the link and a little intro.

My name is Jose Luis Munoz Jr. and a dream of mine since I was young has been to make it to the Olympics. I hope this open letter finds you well as I am excited to update you on a great opportunity I have before me. Currently, I am finishing graduate school at the University of Kansas in Higher Education Administration this May. In addition to my schooling I serve as a graduate assistant for the student-athlete development and leadership program at KU Athletics. To be the first in my family to attend graduate school is one of the most gratifying things I have ever experienced.  This experience has deeply impacted every area of my life. My first year as a Jayhawk, I had high goals of winning races and breaking records. I never imagined my competitive running would end before my eligibility did when I was announced medically disqualified to compete. Though my competitive dreams were no longer in reach God helped me to see that there is still great value and purpose in my life. Back then, the dream was to be an Olympic Distance runner and bring home a medal. Two years ago, I have had the opportunity to intern with the USA Track and Field governing body and was incredible experience. Please help me on making this opportunity become reality. Thank you.

José Luis Muñoz Jr.
KU Leads
Student-Athlete Development and Leadership
Allen Fieldhouse
1651 Naismith Dr.
Lawrence, KS 66045

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