Monday, May 9, 2016

V 6 N. 35 Some new/old pictures of Bobby Morrow

As mentioned earlier this month , I came across a lot of old pictures some not seen very often in the Wright State University Library Special Collections.

Here are the ones of Bobby Morrow.    Please note these are used through the courtesy of Wright State University and not for commercial reproduction.

Probably from Sports Illustrated sportsman of the year awards

Here's a foray into the 440 at Drake Relays finishing behind Glenn Davis and Dave Mills and ahead of Willie Atterbury

From Bill Schnier:
Real good photos of Bobby Morrow.  It's fun to see an as-is sprinter with minimal, if any, weightlifting and no steroids or supplements other than a steak and a hamburger.  Very different from the supermen of today.  Also nice to see a picture of Dave Mills.  I ran a 100 against him at the Kettering Holiday at Home and he nosed me out, the only older person ever to beat me in a 100.  When I found out who he was I felt better.      BIll

Great pictures of Morrow, Mills, Davis. I think I remember Davis was hurt hurdling and concentrated on flat races for awhile.

Phil  Scott

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