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Indoor Track & Field History
January 28 –  February 4  (1952 – 1969)

1/28/61 Sandra Pashkin – Queens Mercurettes set a women’s indoor 880 record of 2:25.3 in beating Sandra Knott 2:26.3 and Grace Butcher 2:27.6 at Washington DC Star Games.

1/28/61 Valerly Brumel – Russia high jumgs 7’ 4 ½” indoors on a dirt surface.

1/28/61 Ernie Cunliffe set a world indoor record for 1,000 yards of 2:07.9 in beating Frank Tomeo at Boston AA meet.

1/28/61 John Thomas set an American indoor record in the high jump of 7’ 3” at the Boston AA meet.

1/28/65 Sam Perry – Fordham tied world indoor record of 5.9 for 60 yards at the Millrose Games.

1/28/67 Jerry Proctor – Muir High becomes the first schoolboy ever to leap 26’ in long jump; 26’ 2” in Albuquerque NM.
1/29/53 Grand Street Boys smashes the world indoor record for one mile relay at the Millrose Games with Andy Stanfield (50.5), George Rhoden (49.1), Herb McKenley (47.6) and Mal Whitfield (48.2) in 3:15.4 beating NYPC 3:18.3 anchored by Roscoe Browne in 47.9.

1/29/54 Wes Santee sets a world indoor record for one mile of 4:03.8 at the Boston AA meet.

1/30/60 Hayes Jones ties the American indoor record for 60 yards high hurdles at 7.0 during the Millrose Games over Lee Calhoun.

1/30/64 Bill Crothers set a world indoor record for 800 meters of 1:49.5 in beating Noel Carroll.

1/30/65 Bill Crothers wins 3rd race in 3 nights at Boston AA meet; winning the 600 yards in 1:09.3 just missing Wendel Motley’s world record by one-tenth.

1/31/53 Mal Whitfield ties world indoor record for 600 yards with a 1:10.2 at the Boston AA Games.

1/31/53 John Kopil set a new one mile high school record of 4:20.1 over Bob Lippmeier.

1/31/59 John Thomas upped his own world indoor high jump record to 7’ in beating Charlie Dumas.

1/31/69 The largest crowd ever to witness an indoor track meet in New York was 17,670 at NY Knights of Columbus meet.

1/31/69 George Young ran the fastest 2 mile ever in a NY meet of 8:37.2 beating Barry Brown.

2/1/52 Bob Richards clears 4th best indoor pole vault height ever of 15’ 4 5/8” at Milwaukee Journal Games only Cornelius Warmerdam and Richards have performed better.

2/1/58 Ron Delany wins his 18th straight indoor mile race in 4:05.3 at the Boston AA Games over Jim Beatty.

2/1/58 Glenn Davis – Ohio State scores 23 points in a meet vs. Purdue and Kentucky.  Davis won 3 events, one 2nd place, one 2nd place tie and anchored the mile relay.
2/1/63 Igor Ter-Ovanesyan-Russia set a world indoor record of 26’ 10” for the long jump over Ralph Boston at the Millrose Games.
2/1/64 Wendell Mottley – Yale set a new indoor world record of 48.0 at the 440 over Charley Mays at Boston AA meet.
2/1/64 Villanova set a world indoor record for 2 mile relay of 7:26.4 with Vic Zwolack, Al Adams, Tom Sullivan and Noel Carroll at the Boston AA meet.
2/1/64 Tom Farrell – St Johns won his first big race to beat Jay Luck at the 600 in 1:10.7 at the Boston AA meet.
2/1/69 Willie Davenport set a world indoor record for 45 yard high hurdles of 5.3 in beating Leon Coleman and Erv Hall at NY Knights of Columbus meet.  The previous record was set in 1942.
2/1/69 George Frenn set a world indoor record for the 35 lb weight toss of 73’ 3 1/2” besting Hal Connolly’s 1960 record.
2/2/57 Tom Courtney tied the world indoor record held by Mal Whitfield in the 600 yard with a 1:09.5 at the Boston AA Games.
2/2/68 Marty McGrady defeated Tom Farrell at 600 yards in 1:10.8 for his 5th straight season win in New York.
2/3/61 Manhattan College set a world indoor record for 2 mile relay of 7:32.8 with John Corry, Kye Courtney, Larry St. Clair and Artie Evans at the Millrose Games.
2/3/67 Jim Kemp wins the 500 yards over Vince Matthews in a meet record of 56.2 at the NY KC meet.
2/3/68 Lee Evans fell short of world indoor record for 500 yards by one-tenth with a 55.6 time in Seattle.
2/3/68 Charlie Greene beats Billy Gaines at 50 yards in 5.3 at Philadelphia Track Classic.
2/3/68 Kerry Pearce sets a world indoor record for 2 miles of 8:27.2 beating Kerry O’Brien in San Diego.
2/4/56 Bob Richards wins his 10th straight Millrose Games with a pole vault of 15’ 4.”

2/4/66 Tom Farrell wins the 1,000 yards in a personal best of 2:08.7 over Ergas Leps – Toronto at the NY K C meet.
2/4/67 Tom Von Ruden set an American indoor record of 2:06.8 for 1,000 yards in San Diego.
2/4/67 Gerry Lindgren out sprints Bill Baillie at 2 miles in 8:31.6 in Seattle.
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