Tuesday, February 2, 2016

V 6 N. 8 Only Real Men and Women Run Cross Country in England!

Go Feet , a British running blog of which we are fond here at the offices of Once Upon a Time in the Vest has produced a description of the recent South of  England championships accompanied by videos of all age groups.  By the time they get around to the Seniors side of the afternoon the course is a wonderfuly chewed up quagmire of which we are also quite fond.  So here's to the inventors of the sport and the gallant lads and ladies who fondly partake.

South of England CC from Go Feet

King Henry V pre meet speech that fired up the troops   and inspires us 'til this day.

History tells us that the Battle of Agincourt victory by the outnumbered English over the French was done with the help of PELBs  (Performance Enhancing Long Bows) which decimated the superior in numbers forces of the French.

See Kenneth Brannagh's version of the battle.

The Battle

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Suzanne DeCuir said...

It's great that you linked to this Henry V speech and battle. My daughter Ellen is reading the play right now in her drama class.

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