Sunday, November 8, 2015

V5 N. 101 Coe is Not in Favor of Banning Russia and Kenya

Coe Doesn't Want to Boot the Russians and Kenyans

In this article from Reuters you will note that Sebastian Coe is not in favor of banning Russia and Kenya from international athletics competition.  He prefers engagement to stimulate change rather than isolation.   Very good but how do you engage and change a culture of deception?  We shall be looking over the IAAF shoulder on this one.

The article also notes that Coe was a VP of the IAAF for eight years prior to taking over this Fall.  Well, how do you operate in an organization at that level for that long without becoming aware of the skullduggery going on?  Either you were just sitting there doing nothing or you were part and parcel? Which was it?  Didn't you smell the rotten fish, Seb?

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