Saturday, November 7, 2015

V 5 N. 100 Why Are We Not Surprised?

Lamine:  " Seb, sorry but you are in for some shit in the near future."
Seb:  "Not to worry, Lamine, I got knighted and successfully ran the London Olympics."

IAAF Anti-Doping Head Under Criminal Investigation  Click here for story.

Gabriel Dolle the head of the IAAF Anti-Doping body is reported by The Guardian as being under criminal investigation for taking bribes from members of the Russian  track and field body or agents or athletes to by-pass drug testing.  The amounts mentioned are in the millions of Euros.   Also other reports are surfacing that Lamine Diack ,former president of the IAAF,  is also suspected of bribery as well as his son.

None of this is very surprising,  because these 'officials' weasel their way into the IAAF from government offices and other international organizations where such behavior is a way of doing business.

In two days WADA is supposed to announce a major suspension of Russian athletes and possibly a bunch of Kenyans as well.   I'm holding my breath.

Seb Coe, the new president of the IAAF, is going to have to make some hard choices in the near future or risk being seen as just another one of the boys.  He'll have to open records to the French authorities and cut loose a lot of the bureaucracy that has infected the IAAF  and generally clean the Augean stables.  This weekend there must a lot of bureaucrats in Monaco playing CYA.  I wonder how this would all be going down with the Russians if Sergei Bubka, a Ukranian hero, had been elected president of the IAAF.


skwilli said...

Honestly, track's governing body should be run by people like you, George. I would love to help too. People who love the sport and don't need or want anything in return.

Roy Mason/ George Brose said...

Not sure I'd have the balls to sit on that panel. The powerful often have ways of circumventing folks like us by giving them some position of responsibility and then making sure that person gets undermined and made to look a fool or corrupt.

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