Monday, November 2, 2015

V 5 N. 98 Houston McTear RIP

Nov. 2, 2015

We received word today that Houston McTear has passed away after suffering from lung cancer.

He'll be remembered  for his meteoric rise as a world record setter at 9.0  100 yards when he was

in high school in Florida.  After qualifying for the 1976 Olympic Games, he had to withdraw due to

injury.   With the US boycott in 1980 his career was over.    He was exploited by one agent in

particular and left penniless and living on the beaches for ten years in California.   He made a

comeback in life after reuniting with a Swedish sprinter he had known years before and redeemed


What Happened to Houston McTear?  This article by Dave Joseph from the Oct. 30, 1988 edition of the Ft. Lauderdale News Sun & Sentinel takes you up to 1985 when Houston was near the bottom.  We'll keep looking for more about his later life.   The is an attempt to do a film on McTear.  See this crowd funding piece.  I don't know if the money was raised to make the film.

9 Seconds  crowd funder for McTear film.  This tells a bit more about the rest of Houston McTear's life.

Dear :George:

re: Houston Mc Tear. Yes, He had the name for it!

He was a shooting star. He came from no where and then as quickly, he was gone.

I had not thought about him in years, sadly. 

I might have  seen him on the beach at Santa Monica or Venice and had no idea who he was.

As young men we may feel invicible.

Workouts to strenthen the muscles and reflexes don't seem neceessary.
Warming up before 100 Meters is for others.

2 Olympic Games taken from him.

We must be thankful for what we had, And, embrace today.

John Bork

And more....

  Sorry to hear about the passing of Houston McTear, a fabulous sprinter in high school.  When I think of him I think of a story Lamar Preyor told me while they were at the Junior Nationals their senior year.  The night before, in a hotel room, Houston said he was going to run 9.1 for 100 yards.  He set aside 9 cigarettes and then 1 more and proceeded to smoke all 10.  The next day he smoked his opponents including Lamar who I believe was second.  With that in mind it is not surprising he died of lung cancer.    Bill

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smell the breeze of flowers said...

early in my photography career, i got the privilege to meet a very humble Houston McTear, we for a brief time were platonic friends as life took us in different directions. i remember him being telling me in jest that his feet were insured by lloyd's of london, which was the first that i learned that that time of insurance existed

what a gentle, unassuming, low maintenance soul....if only i knew the burdens he bared
rest in peace

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