Saturday, October 31, 2015

V 5 N. 97 Russian marathoners not getting invites to NYC and Ollan Cassell Tells All

Oct. 31, 2015

Here's a little tit for tat on marathon doping that appears in today's NY Times.  Seems that the Russian elite marathoners are not getting accepted to compete in the NY Marathon tomorrow.  Past transgressions in the doping world are causing them to look elsewhere.  Nothing similar seems to be happening to the Kenyans however.  Is this some form of payback to Putin for his lining up against the US in Ukraine and Syria?  You can watch this year's NYC Marathon tomorrow live on ESPN2.

Russians not invited to NYC marathon

Please note that the NY Times will allow you to read ten of their articles each month.  If you open this one you will have nine left.  After that you will need to pay a subscription.

Now, because this posting concerns current doping in the sport, lets go back to doping in the good old days which is the period of focus of our little blog.   Olan Cassell has recently published a book about his service as a big time administrator with the AAU, TAC and USATF.   Track and Field News recently posted a review of this book by Mel Watman of Athletics International.  This is a very detailed review and may save you needing to purchase Cassell's book.  There is a lot of detail in second half of the review concerning drug use by US athletes including one of our iconic sprinters.

Inside the Five Ring Circus

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