Sunday, November 2, 2014

Vol. 4 No. 79 Treasure Trove of Adidas Shoes Found in Buenos Aires, Argentina

All of remember some of the old track shoes we had years ago.  Some of us even have a few pair in a trunk in the attic or hanging on the garage wall to remind us how we used to be able to run over the earth with speed, balance, confidence.  We'd probably give anything to still be able to run that way.

Collectors have put high value on old shoes, and some of the  prices they pay are astronomical.  Of course if the shoes have never been worn and are in their original box, that adds to their value.  If a shoe was worn by a famous runner winning an important race, the value can also increase.

Below is the link to an article recently appearing in The Guardian about one of these rare caches of shoes recently found in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  The video at the end of the article is as revealing as the article itself.     Thanks to Ernie Cunliffe for sending this to us.

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Anonymous said...

It is likely I would be taking Mr. RUIZ to dinner a lot if I ever got onto Adidas shop. Excuse me while a take a Nitro pill. Phil Scott. Wet dreaming for more spikes

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