Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Vol. 4 No. 61 Results of Brits Pub Pole Vault Competition

We normally don't report much on current track and field events, but the Brits Pub Pole Vault Competition last weekend was just too unique to overlook.  Thanks so much to the Pub and Twin Cities Track Club for putting on this event.   By the way, why no masters men?  Did they get into the brews waiting their turn to vault? ed.

Great Photos of this event are by Mike McCarthy

Sorry not all heights in each category were recorded.

Pro Men

1-Jeff Coover
2-Mick Vicken
3-Jeremy Scott
4-Jordan Scott
5-Peter Geraghty
6-Shawn Francis

Pro Women
1-Kayla Caldwell
2-Becky Holliday
3-Leslie Brost
4-Sam Sonnenburg
5-Katie Murgic

Masters Men
1-Steve White         4.25
2-Trevor Richards 4.10
3-Jim Moeller         3.65
4-Joe Lohmann         3.65
5-Mike Harudke 3.50
6-Marty Proops 3.05

Masters Women
1-Laura Blackledge 3.50
2-Amie Chamberlain         3.05
3-Caroline White 2.90

Men's C
1-Zach Johnson 4.55
2-Jason Beutz         4.25
3-Blade Westaby 4.25
4-Michael Roth         4.25
5-Jake Dickmann 4.25
6-Windsor Molnar 4.25
7-Jonathan Heinz 4.25
8-Tony Marcinek 4.10
T-9-Reed McLevis 4.10
T-9-Jamie Steffen 4.10
11-Parker Nolden 3.95
12-AJ Walsh-Brenzie 3.65
13-Jon Hammerschmidt 2.75

Womens C
1-Anna Posbergh 3.28
2-Amanda Sonnenburg 3.05
3-Kendall Novak 2.90
T-4-Olivia Khauv 2.90
T-4-Brittany Tuberg 2.90
6-Maggie Harris 2.75

Mens B
1-Mitchell Valli         5.00
2-Joe Brehdal         4.85
3-Grant Krieger 4.85
4-Connor O’Neill 4.70
5-Matthew Fleigle 4.70
6-David Lindenberg 4.55
7-Garrett Riggs         4.55
8-Bryan Klister         4.40

Womens B
1-Alexis Kiefer        4.00
T-2-Esther Jandrich 3.65
T-2-Hannah Wallace 3.65
4-Abby Baier 3.35
5-Hannah Linder 3.35
6-Riley Claude         3.05

Anna Posbergh winner
Women's C Group

Setting up on the lawn bowling pitch

Brits Pub on a non vaulting day

Kayla Caldwell Women's Pro Winner

Jeff Coover Men's Pro Winner

Mitch Valli Men's B group Winner

Zach Johnson Men's C Group Winner




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