Monday, November 5, 2012

Vol. 2 No. 102 Roy Mason and Debbie Heald Appear on the pages of Runner's World

As many of you know,  Roy Mason is one of the co-writers of this blog, and one too modest to sound his own bugle.   So I will attempt to do that in the angel Gabriel's absence.

Roy got this blog started a little over a year ago by writing a review of a 1954 Track and Field News.  He is an astute observer of the sport, a worthy critic, and an incredibly knowledgeable devotee when it comes to track and field and baseball and a good writer  on top of all that.  What you may not know is that Roy also was a track coach of some repute in the 1960's and 70's, his team The L.A. Meteors.  His most famous athlete, Debbie Heald still holds the high school indoor mile record of 4:38.5 set in a dual meet with the Soviet Union in Richmond Virginia on St. Patrick's Day 1972.  This is the oldest high school girls' record in the books.

The December issue of Runner's World , now on the stands, has published a lengthy article by Steve Friedman about Debbie's life and her relationship with her coach  Roy Mason.  Debbie has struggled with injury and illness for many years, but the relationship has endured for all this time.  I am proud to be sharing writing of this blog with Roy, and I think you will understand why after reading the article.

For those of you not wishing to buy the issue,  you will probably be able to see the  online at Runner's World  in about a month.

 However I recommend you  buy it at the newstand now.

George Brose

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