Thursday, November 8, 2012

Vol. 2 No. 103 My university track locker room makes the New York Times

The Oklahoma University Track and Field locker room was seen in today's (November 8 , 2012)  New York Times when former All-American Darryl Royal's picture was posted in his obituary.  In the Fall we used a second floor locker room above the visiting football team locker room.  After football season we moved downstairs into the larger room.  Inside was a bare, dusty concrete floor,  a few inspirational signs on the walls, and the track and field records on a special board.  Furhter under the stadium was the indoor track, an unheated dusty 220 yards oval known fondly as  'Pneumonia Downs' in the Winter months.   All in all ,  a very spartan place.  Notre Dame used that locker room when they broke Oklahoma's 47 game football winning streak in 1957.   Nick Petrosante of Notre Dame carved his name on the door , and it remained there for a number of years until it was replaced.  George Brose

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