Thursday, September 27, 2012

Vol. 2 No. 91 Tim Danielson Jailed on Murder Charge

Otis Martin and Tim Danielson

                                                              Four HS Four Minute Milers
                                        Alan Webb, Marty Liquori, Tim Danielson, Jim Ryun

Some of you will remember Tim Danielson being the second high school miler (after Jim Ryun) to break 4:00 minutes for the one mile run.  Today that notoriety is linked to the fact that Tim was charged with the murder of his wife after an apparently botched murder-suicide attempt.  This occurred in 2011, but I wasn't aware of the events, however I did become aware that Tim can receive email from anyone who may care to write him, and he can respond by regular mail.   I am also attaching links to news reports covering the case.

Mike Solomon, one of our readers who ran against Tim at the California State Meet in 1966 informed me that those who want to email Tim need to find the san diego country sheriff website. From there they have a place to contact inmates.
timothy danielson
# 11143930
DOB 1947

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