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Vol. 2 No. 90 Those Elusive USA-Poland Women's dual meet results for 1962

Since Track and Field News did not report the women's score or results in the USA Poland dual meet of 1962,  we had to do some searching to find those records.  My first clue was a google reference to  the book  American Women's Track and Field, A History , 1895-1980 by Louise Mead Tricard.   It cost $80 on Amazon.  There were some pages of that 746 page book shown on the internet, but it came up a page or two shy of the USA/Poland results.  What next?  My local library in Springfield, OH didn't have it but through interlibrary loan, I was able to get the copy in the Cleveland, OH public library sent to me.  I opened to the missing page of that semi exhaustive compilation only to be disappointed that the only results were times and distances by US athletes.    How to fill in the blanks for those Polish women?  Back to the internet.  I started by checking the Chicago Tribune archives, but there was a fee to pay for getting access.  My next shot came  by looking up names of some of the top male athletes in the meet, for example Jim Beatty and googled, Jim Beatty US Poland dual meet 1962.  A number of references came up including one from the Eugene Oregon Register Guard newspaper for 1962.  The whole paper is on line without having to pay any fee for looking. And since the U. of Oregon had won the NCAA meet that year, track was still a sport to be reported by the future  Track Town Daily Blatt.   By golly there were the women's and men's results, and here they are for you.  Here's the actual site.,  http://news.google.com/newspapers?nid=4pF9x-cDGsoC&dat=19620701&printsec=frontpage&hl=en look at the upper left hand corner of the page on the left,  those are the second day results.  Today when trying to back track through the process, I couldn't find my way back to it, but in my Google, 'History'   the site was still there and it opened.

                                        USA vs. Poland   June 30-July 1, 1962
                                                       University of Chicago
Men's results appear in an earlier blog entry.

Day One

400 meter relay
1. USA  Willye White, Janell Smith, Edith McGuire, Vivian Browne   43.7
2. Poland 43.7  names not provided.

1. Frances Davenport USA   149-9
2. Teresa Trukawinska  Pol   148-2
3. Janina Bochutinska  Pol  146 3 1/2
4. Karen Mendyka  USA  141-7

Shot Put
1. Jadwiga Kowaltruk  Pol   48-10
2. Stephania Kielwizn   Pol   48-2
3. Cal Reutledge   USA 46-7
4. Sharon Sheppard   USA 46-5

80 Meter Hurdles
1. Maria Platkowska  Pol    11.0
2. Cherrie Parrish  USA      11.2
3. Kalina Kryzanaka  Pol  11.3
4. Jeanne Terry  USA   11.4

100 Meters
1. Teresa Pepia   Pol  11.7
2. Edith McGuire USA  11.8
3. Helena Gorezka  Pol 11.9
4. Janell Smith  USA 12.2

Broad Jump
1. Willye White  USA 19 10 1/2
2. Elizbieta Krzesinska  Pol  19 10
3. Maria Bibrowa  Pol   19 8
4. Edith McGuire  USA  18 3 1/2

Day Two

200 Meters
1. Vivian Browne  USA 23.9
2.Barbara Sobatta  Pol  24.3       (another Sobatta)
3. Janell Smith  USA  24.5
4. Elizabieta Szyroka  Pol  24.8

High Jump
1. Jaroslawa Bieda  Pol  5  4 1/2
2. Barbara Browne  USA  5  3 1/4
3. Barbara Owcearek  Pol  5 3 1/4
4. Estelle Baskerville  USA  5 1

1. Kazimiera Rykowska   Pol  158  1
2. Zyta Mojek  Pol   155 1
3. Sharon Sheppard  USA   145  8 1/2
4. Melody McCarthy  USA   131  3

800 Meters
1. Krystana  Nowakowska  Pol   2:10.5
2. Beata Zbikowska  Pol  2:12.5
3. Leah Bennett  USA  2:12.8  (US citizens record , old rec. 2:14.4 Pat Daniels 1960)
4. Sandra Knott  USA  2:14.1

Team Score   Poland 61   USA  45

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