Sunday, November 1, 2020

V 10 N. 74 A Potpourri of Stories and Pictures Including Ralph Hill, Rufus Kiser, and Fidel Castro, and T&FN collection for sale

I don't know if it's Covid, but I've suffered a lull in my blogging of late. I'm not sick, just a bit lazy these days, overwhelmed by the news media and the election. While we wait for some decisive events that will alter and affect our lives, I prefer to dwell backwards on a series of events that I had no memory of. They were brought to me by various people and to them we can issue thank yous for todays blog entry. Firstly: A story of an Oregon runner, who was an Olympic silver medallist in the 5000 meters. Nope, not Bill Dellinger.  This fellow may be one that few of you can say you've ever heard of. Ralph Hill. The second part of the story is about his college rival from the University of Washington, Rufus Kiser. For a short time these two men were were so good in US and even world rankings, that in a dual meet between the Huskies and Ducks, they both broke the intercollegiate mile record. Amazingly, neither one approached that time again, but Hill went on to win his silver medal at the 1932 Olympics in a controversial finish that many thought he deserved the gold. Within in months Hill would voluntarily disappear into obscurity near his hometown of Klamath Falls, Oregon, content to grow potatoes. Kiser would later move on to a professorship in botany at Centralia University in Oregon. The story is beautifully told and researched by Bob Phillips and presented on the blog Racing Past written and edited by my friend and colleague John Cobley in Sydney, British Columbia. I thank Rick Lower for bringing this story to my attention. Here is the link:

  Next is a photo I came across yesterday on the Facebook site Australian Running Nostalgia edited by Trevor Vincent. It may remind some  of the famous painting Dogs Playing Poker, but it should be renamed, Greyhounds Playing Poker.   It allegedly was provided by Billy Mills showing Ron Clarke, Mills, Peter Snell, Michel Jazy, and Bob Schul (dealing) taken in Europe in 1965. Wouldn't you have loved to hear the conversation that day?
Castro was known for his interest in baseball, and even basket ball.  I've never seen reference to him for track and field, but this photo came to me from Bruce Kritzler via Ricky Quintana and Gary Fanelli reporting to be Fidel finishing an 880 in his high school or college days. Pretty decent form   Is he leaning a bit left?

John Bork sent this note:   If interested contact me at this blog for info:

 Dear Friends:

Our WMU Teammate, Wayne Gutowsky has a full collection of Track & Field News
starting with first issue in 1948. (only 7 random issues are missing)
Selling Price is $2,500.00

Anybody interested?

So, everyone,  take care, relax, be ready for what lays ahead.



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