Wednesday, January 2, 2019

V 9 N. 1 HIstorical clips of old Hayward Field, Eugene, Oregon, just released

The Spirit of Oregon Track and Field  Clik Here

The Knight Library at University of Oregon just released this 4min 49 second series of clips from track and field meets at Hayward Field going back to the 1920s and up to the present.  It is for true track and field lovers.  The background narration is uncoordinated to what you are seeing on the screen .  You have to really know your Oregon track history to identify the guys and women appearing in this clip.  One arial view would indicate that there was an adjacent track to Hayward way back when.  It would take a trivia expert of phenomenal ability to identify everyone, but it is a fun film to view and to date only 7 people have witnessed it, so if you make the first ten viewers, you will receive a one year free subscription to this blog.  Good viewing and a great 2019 of track and field.

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