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V8 N. 62 Book Review by T&FN on 1968 Olympic Trials

Book Review  Clik Here   by Bob Burns The Track In The Forest: The Creation Of A Legendary 1968 US Olympic Team,  is being released by Chicago Review Press on October 2

This book review by Ed Fox recently appeared on the T&FN website.
Sounds like a great read.


I always look forward to receiving your blog.  I’ve been away from track for a long time, but I still miss it, so reading all the great things you include is always enjoyable.  I’m actually working with a young triple jumper that goes to the local high school, so I still have my finger in it a little bit.

I just finished reading a book review on The Track in the Forest.  I’m looking forward to reading this book l which I just ordered from Amazon.  Itreminded me of a great story.

Between the end of my Master’s classes at The University of Cincinnati and graduation, Jim Demo, Gary Truce and I took a trip to California.  Jim had just finished up as the track and cross country coach at Glenville High School in Cleveland where he won two state championships and was coming to Cincinnati as a graduate assistant.  Gary was the head track and cross country coach at SUNY Binghamton, and I was the assistant track and cross country coach at Cincinnati.  We took the northern route through the Black Hills, the Bad Lands, Mt Rushmore, down through Cody, Wyoming, Salt Lake City and out through Lake Tahoe.  Three track coaches at Lake Tahoe required a trip to Echo Summit to look at the track used for the Olympic Trials for the 68 Olympics.  It was the coolest track I’ve ever been on.  I believe I could still run a 60 second quarter on it if it still existed (well maybe not).  The day we were there they were tearing the track  up and moving to South Lake Tahoe High School.  There was a chunk of it lying on the ground, so I asked if I could have it. I’m not sure why, but having a piece of that track just seemed to be very special. They were going to throw it away, so they gave it to me.  I had no idea what I was going to do with it, but when I got home I trimmed it up and made a pen set for my desk. (see attached). 

A couple of years ago I was on my way to Las Cruces, NM for a conference. I flew into El Paso.  I’d never been to UTEP, so on my way to Las Cruces I took a short side trip to see the UTEP campus…really I just wanted to see the track.  As it turned out they were putting in a new track.  Part of it was complete, and the workers were there finishing up.  I had a chance to talk with the boss and told him about the 68 Olympic Trials track and having a piece of it made into a pen set on my desk.  He said wait a minute.  He disappeared for a few minutes, and when he came back he was carrying what appeared to be two pieces of the new track…the track was blue and the exchange zones were gray.  He said that was a great story you just told, then gave me a piece of both sections and said, “Here are some pieces of this track. Maybe you can make a few more pen sets.”

Keep up the great work!

Charles R. Hunsaker
Charles R. (Chuck) Hunsaker

Hi you guys
I remember the track and the trip to Lake Tahoe so very well.  It was a fantastic setting and I remember taking a part of the track as well.
What great memories! Three wild and crazy track coaches on a trip to California. 
Thanks for sharing the story Chuck.
It should be an interesting book to read.


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