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V 8 N. 58 Coach Marc Arce's Continuing , Remarkable Recovery Since His Injury a Year Ago

Back on the Bike Jan. 12, 2018
Almost 4 Months After His Accident

One year ago we reported on the serious injury suffered by the University of Findlay track and cross country coach Marc Arce.  We are happy to report that Marc has made a remarkable recovery considering the nature of his injuries.  

On September 16, 2017, Marc was cycling to a cross country meet from Findlay to  Tiffin, OH.  He left well ahead of the team to check in, look at the course and perform any pre-meet activities that coaches go through.  The trip was to be about 30 miles.   On the way Marc was overtaken by a pick up truck that passed too close to him. The sideview mirror on the truck struck Marc's head and threw him to the ground.  The result of the accident left Marc in the hospital for 5 1/2 weeks.  His accompanying injuries would fill an ER text book...facial and skull fractures, broken hip, multiple rib fractures, lacerated spleen, collapsed lung, heart attack, traumatic brain injury. He doesn't remember anything about the accident and the approximate four weeks following. 

When he came to, he found his wife Lisa at his bedside where she had been all his weeks of recovery and then his rehabilitation.  Marc candidly admits that he was not an easy patient to deal with.  As many people would be after such extensive injury, he was stubborn, argumentative, and just not an easy guy to deal with.  Marc was grappling with not only with the aftermath of a near-death experience, but also a loss of a job where he had spent the last 30+ years.  But Lisa hung in there with him, knowing full well this was not uncommon for the man she knew to be a dedicated, tireless coach and a former athlete and marathoner who was used to driving himself to the limit.  

This past Sunday, September 16, exactly one year after the accident, Marc pushed himself to the limit once again, participating in The Last Gasp, a Cape Cod bike event, trekking some 60 miles across the island.  It wasn’t easy, but Marc finished in under 5 hours - a testament to his never-quit spirit. Not only was he motivated by his own personal comeback, but more so by those, especially former athletes, who helped him raise over $1600 for a local charity as part of the event. The day ended with a standing ovation as Marc received the “Back in the Saddle” award at the post-ride gathering . It was quite overwhelming for him and Lisa to receive such support and compassion from total strangers. 
Marc Relaxing on the Ferry Back Home After His 60 Mile Ride

Marc and Lisa  had a combined total of 57 years of coaching service to University of Findlay.  Their coaching accomplishments included:

13 NCAA Div. II National Champions
224 NCAA Div. II All Americans
7 US Olympic Trials Qualifiers
2 National Runners Up Men's Track and Field Teams
8 NCAA Div. II Top Ten Track and Field Teams
241 GLIAC (conf.) Champions
127 USTFCCA Div. II All Academic Individuals
12 NAIA National Champions
213 NAIA All Americans
63 NAIA Scholar Athletes
7 NAIA Top Ten Track and Field Team Finishes

Bravo Marc.

Inspiring story!
David Rapp

Marc Arce is a real inspiratioinal Story, which made my day.  
John Bork Jr.

This is a great comeback story.  Marc is a tough cat and Lisa is just as tough.    Bill Schnier

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Steve Price said...

I have been very lucky to coach with Marc and Lisa for at the University of Findlay. It would be difficult to find a couple as dedicated to the sport as this pair has been for many years. Besides having very successful teams, they provided meets for everyone and promoted the sport to the nth. degree. They represent the very best of collegiate coaches. Steve Price

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