Saturday, December 16, 2017

V7 N. 83 Book Review: "Run Strong, Stay Healthy

   Run Strong, Stay Healthy: 9 Keys to Staying in the Race by Jonathan Beverly

I haven't read this book but saw a review of it in the Dec. 11, 2017  Toronto Globe and Mail.  I was on the road last Monday and a friend who reads the paper regularly sent me a picture of the story.  My hotel stuck the same paper under the door and there was the review.  So I repeated the process for our blog.  

Written by another sports writer Alex Hutchinson, the review was enough to loose a few micrograms of adrenalin in my blood and put me out on the road that morning.  Among the millions of people who run these days, the ones who interest me the most are the folks who have been running, jumping, and throwing  for 50 years and more.  Jonathan Beverly writes about those men and women who can maintain their competitiveness in the face of father time and not give in to the challenges of aging and still hold a place in their hearts to continue that earliest of  passions.  I'm inclined now to find it and read  Jonathan Beverly's work.  Here is Alex Hutchinson's review as it appeared on the pages of the Globe and Mail.  And not too late to buy it for Christmas.
George Brose


Here is a link to a short piece in the Nov. Runner's World by Jonathan Beverly

Note:  Hutchinson's new book is hyped just above the picture below.

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