Sunday, October 29, 2017

V 7 N. 71 Some Great Photos from the Book Stalls Along the Seine

Our good friend and contributor Jerry McFadden sent along a series of photos he culled from track magazines he finds when he travels to France.  These are from the late 60s, probably taken from Miroir d'Athletisme  the French equivalent of T&FN .  

Bob Beamon  8.05 at Europe vs Americas

Willie Davenport over Earl McCollough , Eddie Ottoz, and Tzmiel at Europe vs Americas

 Poster from the Europe vs, Americas in Montreal, Aug. 1967

Ron Laird 1967

Tommie Smith

Peter Snell
Hi George
I was looking at some of the photos and saw the one of Peter Snell.
He came to South Africa during the sixties, he was the world record
holder in the 880yds in those days.
In was asked if I would be the rabbit for the race which I thought would
be rather cool. I did set a rather good pace for the first lap , which he
thanked me for after the race. After the first lap I felt rather good and
decided to continue the race. With a 150yds to go I was still in front and
really felt I had a chance for a major upset. Being a 440yds runner myself
what I did not realize was that those guys only started to run at that stage.
When Snell passed I felt I was standing still, then to rub it in the rest of
the field also kicked passed me.
That was the last 880 I attempted.

Bob Seagren

Gerry Lindgren

Juergen May beats Keino  3:53.8 in New Zealand

Roger Moens

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