Wednesday, June 28, 2017

V7 N. 40 Clarence Robinson U. of New Mexico R.I.P. FIrst to win the LJ/TJ double in NCAAs

Clarence Robinson with his coach  Hugh Hackett
Clarence Robinson, University of New Mexico passed away recently.  He was one of only five men who ever won the NCAA Long Jump and Triple Jump in the same year.

It’s a short list of those who have won both Long Jump and Triple Jump in same year at NCAA Championships. Thanks to Rich Ceronie for the stats. Clarence Robinson is in a class of very special athletes in UNM history.

1965 - Clarence Robinson, New Mexico  25' 10"  and   50' 1 7/8"
1985 - Mike Conley, Arkansas
1994 - Eric Walker, Arkansas
1997 - Robert Howard, Arkansas
2002 - Walter Davis, LSU
2014 - Marquis Dendy, Florida
2015 - Marquis Dendy, Florida

"That is some special category of incredible athletes.  What makes it special to me is that Clarence did it in the 1960's and it took 20 years before anyone else did it.  Now, with huge coaching staffs and big budgets, and the ability to recruit all over the world, it is not the same as in the 1960's."  Pete Brown

" Because they look so similar and are contested on the same runway, the long jump and triple jump are often considered pretty much the same event by many.  They are not.  The skills of the long jump are to run fast and jump high.  This brings doom to the triple jumper who needs to skim close to the ground, much like skipping a stone across a lake.  Most long jumpers can never convert their "jump high" skills to the triple jump.  Hats off to these five who could do both equally well."  Bill Schnier

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