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V 7 N. 6 Ray Wyatt R.I.P. Kansas Jayhawk

                                                               Ray Wyatt  R.I.P.

Ray Wyatt leading the pack at the Big 8 Indoor 195?
Ray Wyatt passed away on October 16, 2016.   Ray was a stalwart (long sprints) on the U. of Kansas track team in the 1950s.  He was teammate and friend of Wes Santee and spent a lot of time with Wes during Wes' final days.  Ray also was a great friend of KU track alumni and hosted several gatherings of that illustrious group.  His website can be seen at  Ray Wyatt.   This website has a lot of interesting things about Kansas track in the 50s and also some things about Ray's hobbies with big Corvettes and collecting relics at archeological sites in the Lawrence area.  He contributed information about KU to this blog and also to Racing Past written by my friend John Cobley.  John did a nice piece about Wes Santee with Ray's assistance.    I only learned of Ray's passing when his emails failed to be delivered when we sent notices of new posts on Once Upon a Time in the Vest.   Ray and I never talked directly except by email, but he was generous with his time and his answers about track at Lawrence.  
George Brose

Ray Wyatt left us October 6, 2016. Born May 11, 1936 in Topeka, KS, to Ralph and Maryetta Wyatt, he distinguished himself by record-breaking high school track performances that led to scholarships at The University of Kansas. Upon graduation, he served in the Army and National Guard 1959-1969. He was known in Wichita for his influential management at Boeing, his love of speed and Corvettes, and long-lasting friendships. Memorial contributions in his honor are welcomed for the "Ralph E. and Ray C. Wyatt Fund For Athletics" at The University of Kansas, 1651 Naismith Drive, Lawrence, KS 66045, to provide student scholarships for participants in non-revenue producing sports. He was a proud Jayhawk.
Published in The Wichita Eagle on Oct. 14, 2016

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