Wednesday, January 18, 2017

V 7 N. 4 Running Through Hell with Peter Sagal

Keep Going

Host Peter Sagal on Wait, Wait....Don't Tell Me!

This is an oral presentation by Peter Sagal of National Public Radio and the "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" series.  If you click on the link above "Keep Going"  you will be connected to a 15 minute monologue by Sagal recounting his running the Boston Marathon accompanying Will Greer, a blind runner.  The story caught my son's ear and he suggested I look up this presentation.  In the opening Sagal recounts that early in the New Year the family would sit around the table and recount the most important thing that happened to each member during the past year.  When Sagal said his most important event was setting a PR on his marathon time, his wife responded, "What could possibly be important about that?"  At that point Sagal surmised that his marriage was over, and it was.
Greer (19984) and Sagal (Guide)  side by side at Boston
He continues in a very humorous and then poignant way to talk about his run at Boston with Greer and how  the event  was possibly a turning point in his life.  I think even the most hardened curmugeon will be moved by the story.  For the curious, Sagal's PR in the marathon is 3:09.25 set at the Philadelphia Marathon in 2011.   His Boston time in the picture was about 3:27.

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