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V 7 N. 1 A Needed Correction on Miguel White

Miguel White

One of our more interesting posts in the past was a collection of people who had been Olympians, and/or Olympic Medalists who had died serving their countries in war.
 Miguel White represented the Philippines in the 400 hurdles and was the bronze medalist.  We saw that he had died during WWII but with no details.  Recently we received this note from his grandson with more information about Mr. White, so we are posting this note from Major Romeo Nelson, USMC (retired)

Miguel S. White served in the Philippine Army after his participation in the 1936 Berlin Olympics. As reported by the office of the Philippine Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor (DBC), he was a lieutenant in the 52nd Infantry Regiment of the Philippine Army and is listed as Missing in Action and subsequently declared as Killed in Action sometime in 1942. My opinion is that he was most likely killed during the initial landing of Japanese forces into the Philippines. Please modify/correct all your documentation to reflect his involvement clarifying his service to his country! For further inquiry and confirmation of facts, I refer you to the representatives of the office of the Philippine Defenders of Bataan and Corregidor (DBC). Regards, Romeo Nelson Major, USMC (Retired) (Grandson of Miguel S. White)
Last hurdle in 1936 Hardin leading White and Loring

This is the 400 IH Finals results from Berlin 1936

1st, gold medalist(s)Glenn Hardin United States52.4
2nd, silver medalist(s)John Loaring Canada52.7
3rd, bronze medalist(s)Miguel White Philippines52.8
4Joe Patterson United States53.0
5Sylvio Padilha Brazil54.0
6Khristos Mantikas Greece54.2
Details of the 1936 400 IH can be found at the link below:
Hurdler 49 Race description

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