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V 6 N. 70 Brian Theriot interview Franz Stampfl documentary, Women High Jumpers, and other killer tidbits.

Phil Scott recently sent this link to an interview with Brian Theriot.    Brian was/is an iconclastic runner who ran a 9.9  100 yards and 46.9  440 , but while at UCLA was moved up to the 880 and mile and ran  1:45 and 3:53 for that race and the mile.  He talks about what motivated him and how he accomplished this with adaptive training.  Not only was he successful in the switch, but he was also able to parlay his abilities to make a very comfortable living in Europe as a pacer and a racer, occasionally combining the two on the same day.  Further on in the interview, Brian, who is now a marketing specialist, goes on to explain how he would change the marketing of Track and Field in this country to rejuvenate the sport.   His first thought is to fire everyone at USATF, and then move the offices from small city  Indianapolis to Los Angeles.  From there he has a lot of other suggestions  including bringing back college dual meets and also setting up a circuit of events both indoors and outdoors around the country and do whatever is needed to help high school athletes to stay in the sport after  high school graduation.

Brian Theriot interview from

Next we have noticed recently that the documentary on Franz Stampfl is or will soon be released to public viewing   The trailer can be seen at:

A Life Unexpected The Man Behind the Miracle Mile

By clicking on the link you will be sent to Youtube where you will also be able to open other pieces about this film including an interview with John Landy.  When we get more information from the producers about the film, we will bring this information to you.  The trailer should wet your appetite.

Steve Price forwarded this link to a clip of the Ten Top Women High Jumpers

Ten Top Women High Jumpers

Now for the 'killer tidbits'.
Today on the British website "I Was or Am a Runner"  I learned that:

Serial killer Ted Bundy (1946-1989) ran 880 yards in 1:51.8, aged 20, whilst a student at University of Washington in 1966. He confessed to having murdered more than 30 women before his execution in the electric chair at Starke Prison, Florida, on 24th January 1989, aged 42.

Then there is the Tim Danielson case.  Tim the second high school sub four minute miler is doing a life sentence for killing his ex-wife.

Proof that these are  not sole abberations amongst distance runners,  this year some other little snot and member of the Virginia Tech track team, David Eisenhauer who was also  a state high school track or cross country champ in Maryland along with his girlfriend accomplice stalked and murdered a thirteen year old girl they had latched onto via the internet.

No, track people are not all upright citizens.  Nevertheless, the vast majority are people I wouldn't mind sharing some time with.


Great link to Franz Stampfl film. Also a Ron Clarke interview next on youtube.
     Women hj'ers-
Andanova - had a daughter who jumped at U. of Miami (mom was still in great shape!)
Balas - looked like she could flop 7' with good surface and pit.
Bergqvist - jumped at SMU, later ran NYC marathon.
     Ted Bundy - Was killing sorority girls in Tallahassee. When finally caught he possessed the ID of Ken Misner,  28:30 10k guy who had graduated from Florida State.

Bruce Kritzler

"Bruce.....You sure know a lot for a Hardin County farm boy."   Steve Price

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