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V 6 N. 53 About that track meet in Houston

In Eugene at the Prefontaine Meet in May there was some talk about a series of meets to be held in the US with some prize money attached, so American athletes didn't have to go to Europe to make money the rest of the season.   Was the meet in Houston on Saturday part of that new series?  I did not see the meet up here in Canada so relied on some astute friends for their comments.  Also here is a link to the results.  Looks like it was a made for TV meet without a full compliment of events for either gender and some odd ball distances like 1000 meters for men.  When's the last time you saw an outdoor 1000 meter race that wasn't in Europe?  By the way did you see the size of that crowd at the Diamond League meet in London?  It must have been a near sellout in the Olympic Stadium.  They must have been offering a revote on the Brexit issue to get that many people in there.
American Track League (Houston)  Will there also be a National Track League someday?

From Roy Mason:
 Put this meet on in Eugene and you have 10,000 in the stands.  Anywhere else and you get the Houston type crowd which was how big?  Kids running around on the infield but you never had a shot of the stands.  The few times they were in a passing shot they looked....what's the word?......empty.

* Good fields.  These are professional runners.  Were they paid based on performance or was this just part of their contracts with their sponsors?

* The choreographed rush of children to the winner three seconds after the race ended was a big turn off for me.  

* Was there a charge for admission?  Guessing not.  Thinking they rounded up kids at the Boys and Girls clubs around the city and turned them loose.  No, just looked.  Tickets went at $12.50 but you could buy 100 for $500.  That would explain the kids.  

* Asafa Powell is built like a body builder.  What a physique.  

* Pretty sure DeGrasse and Powell didn't go out for beers after the meet.  These guys do not like each other.
Clayton Murphy

Fitzroy Dunkley

* I want to have another child because I found the greatest name in the world for the kid, Fitzroy Dunkley (2nd in 400).  Wouldn't be Fitzroy Dunkley Mason, just Fitzroy Dunkley.  Wouldn't matter if it were a boy or girl, Fitzroy Dunkley.  Sort of addictive.  I haven't been able to stop saying it all morning.

* Clayton Murphy is Clark Kent until the race starts.  Then he is Superman.  Really like this kid.

* Another guy I have liked for some time is Curtis Beach.  A decathlete (other than Ashton Eaton) who can break 50 in the intermediates.  Pretty damn good.  I learned this morning that Beach was the "pacesetter" who had the embarrassing job of running all by himself in that 1000.  Never seen a head swivel so often in a race.  Where are those guys?  They were here a minute ago.  Guys, come on, I can't run any slower.
Curtis Beach

* I recorded this and forgot it until I was about to stagger off to bed.  Fast forwarded through all the blah, blah, blah and commercials and just watched the races.  The major takeaway was the number and length of commercials.  Even at full speed ahead mode they took forever to get through.  One had to be a hard core fan to watch live.

* As I saw Trey Hardee and Lewis Johnson, I assume they were the only announcers.  As Johnson is experienced and never at a loss for words, I have to assume that it was Hardee, apparently not one to deal in metaphor, who provided the stunning description of the  100, stating, "That was a real footrace".  I envisioned Louis looking at him the minute they were off mike and saying "Did you really just say that?"

Thanks, Roy, you can go back to the hammock now.  GB

Sandi Morris
New American Record Holder 16'2"

Phil Scott says:

Murphy 2.20 1000m looked smooth Rick Wolhutter 2.13.9 AmRd  looks safe for time being. Curtis Beach Decathlete was rabbit 1.25 600m too slow. he also got 3rd in 400ih 49.6 


Steve Price Wrote:  Hey.......I enjoyed the ATL meet from Houston. It was a carnival like atmosphere with the little kids running about, people on the infield and hyped up music to accompany the races. The marks weren't great (cept' for the women's PV) but there was good competition and a real international flavor. Things moved along quickly and the interviews were quick and painless. I had pretaped the meet so could fast forward the commercials though even those were a tad interesting with Ashton Eaton et al.
A fun event that may catch on and spark some interest in televised Track & Field.
Comments ?
Bruce Kritzler wrote:
I also taped the meet and just finished watching it. Former Gator Hazel Clark handled the on field interviews.
Hazel Clark

Nice to see Clayton Murphy beat Centrowitz in 1k (basically workout time). Pretty good men's 400. Women's pv should have got more hype, and interview with new AR holder Sandi Morris. Good double by Prandini.
Pretty good meet over in London the last two days also. And US doing great in World Jr. Champs.
Gators just lost their two top recruits, as the Lyles brothers turned pro. Their parents, Kevin and Keisha Lyles, Seton Hall grads, trained in Gainesville most of post college career.

Richard Trace in his succinct , Hemingwayesque manner reports:

 "It seemed very contrived to me."

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