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V 6 N. 50 Canadian Sub 4 Minute Milers Gathering

David Bailey sent us this article about a reunion in Ontario of many of Canada's sub four minute milers.
They all still look pretty fit.

July 8, 2016
Hi George,
I was prompted to send you this article as a result of the comprehensive recent posting about 50 years ago in June 1966.  Well, June 19, 2016 in London, Ontario there was a celebration of Canadian Sub-4 minute milers.  It was conceived and organized by a good friend, track coach and 1500m runner (3:42), Dave Mills. This was held at TD Stadium, Western University in conjunction with the annual 1500m Night, which is an major annual track event organized by Steve Weiler that regularly draws 300 – 400 runners from across the provinces.  Canadian standards for international teams and hundreds of personal bests have been run at this meet.  The celebration started as a reception at the Labatt Lounge in the main building at the stadium for 15 of 56 Canadian Sub – 4 milers who were able to attend.  Just before the elite sections for women and men were held, the attendees were individually introduced to the crowd.  I had the honour to present commemorative certificates courtesy Athletics Canada to the attendees and then Bill Crothers, my East York Track Club teammate (1964 Olympic 800m Silver Medalist) and the first person to let me know that I had run a sub – 4 mile presented me with the certificate and commemorative plaque.  For those who were not able to attend, certificates will be sent to them.  Also, a similar event is planned on the west coast hosted by British Colombia Athletics in July.

I have attached a PDF from the London Free Press article about this event published the day before the event.  As well, some photos courtesy of Howard Adams who provided them free of charge are enclosed.  As you can see, he captured some treasured moments.

David Bailey's first Canadian Sub 4   Here is the article we posted last year about that first Canadian sub 4.

The London Western Track and Field website has extensive coverage of this event at:

All the best,

Bill Crothers, David Bailey, Dave Mills at the reception

David Bailey the Certificate to John Craig

David Bailey Receiving his Certificate from Bill Crothers

Canadian sub – 4 milers who could attend.  Front Row: Ross Proudfoot, Richard Tremain, Ron Becht, Jeremy Ray, Taylor Milne. Back Row: Jason Bunston, Brandon Matthias, Paul Steeds, David Hill, Paul Craig, Scott MacDonald, John Craig, Grant McLaren, Harvey Mitro, David Bailey

Shaking hands with Dave Hill who broke my Canadian record of 3:57.7 of 1967 when he ran 3:55.9 in 1977.  Dave Hill made the trip from Dallas, Texas to attend this event.

About 15 years ago I was in Halifax for the start of a tour of Nova Scotia. I came in a day or two early to check out some sites and found in the newspaper a Canadian HS kid from Ontario was going to attempt a 4 min mile in an all comers meet right there in Halifax. I took a cab over to the track and this skinny little guy did it! Nobody seemed to get very excited about it except Nate Brannan and me.
He’s had quite a career.


i well remember grant mclaren from the good old days at springbank.  he could pick them up and lay them down.
Richard Trace

Springbank, London, Ontario  Don't know what Springbank was all about?  Click on this link.

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