Friday, June 24, 2016

V 6 N. 45 Oregon Reunion photo and Coliseum Relays Program

Two photo sets, actually a photo and one photo set.   The gathering of old men is a reunion of University of Oregon track team members taken during the Prefontaine Classic weekend.  We don't know the source,  but Ernie Cunliffe forwarded it to us.  The second group of photos is from a 1950 Coliseum Relays program.  That was sent from Danny Metcalf who was a distance runner from Oklahoma State in the late 50s early 60s. Won the Big 8 cross country meet one year.    Lots of great names from the past in both of these.  Just decided to add a few more photos before going to press. See below.  You can click on any picture to expand it for easier reading.

Proof that Roy and George actually attended the Pre Classic

Here's a classic,  the Los Angeles Examiner Sports Page  August 8, 1954,
over a third of the page devoted to a one mile race.

Someday perhaps a classic,  note Asbel Kiprop autograph

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