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V 6 N. 39 Photo Collection

While researching for another article, I came across a number old track pictures that might interest many of our readers.  I'm sure there are many, many stories in these pictures that will never be written.  Some of you may have some interesting comments on what you see here.  Do not hesitate to write in your comments at the bottom of this page.  We'll censor them and allow them to appear at the bottom of the post.   Don't ask why I put those last two pictures in,  I just felt like it.

Dickie Browning, U. of Illinois, Jan., 1954 a national tumbling champion going over 6; 8".  I remember reading something about this guy in Scholastic Coach.  His approach to the HJ bar was
a series of back handsprings that took him over the bar and into what looks like the side of a pole vault pit.  The practice was outlawed as he took off from two feet.  But definitely a precursor of the Fosbury Flop, and by the looks of it quite risky.  The pictures appeared in Life Magazine.

Eulace Peacock, he beat Jesse Owens five times in 1935 but was injured and on the sidelines or running way below par
in 1936.

George Spitz  6' 8 1/4"  for NYU  at Penn 1933

Jack Keller Ohio State demonstrating hurdle form at Penn  1934

Jesse Owens beating Sam Stoller (Michigan)   in a 10.5  100 meters at Penn in 1935

Wilt Chamberlain throwing high school shot at Penn Relays in
the late 1950's about 46 feet.  One step across the circle?

Wilt's high school running form.  Early version of compression socks?  I recall
he always wore knee pads like that playing basketball.  Looks like a total crap
playground track.  Weeds in lane one.   He was a Philadelphia native.

Tracy Smith,  Pre,  and Sid Sink
photographer unknown, nice job

Guys who beat Pre while winning their race.  You can click on the photo to enlarge it and read the captions

Lewis Tekaninawa, teammate of Jim Thorpe at Carlisle Indian School and Olympic teammate

Tempe, AZ, looks like the location of the old track back in the 1960s when it was in  the old
football stadium

Calvin Coolidge US President with Paavo Nurmi (rt.)

Ed Cook,  1908 co-gold Medalist Pole Vault London.
Taught and coached in Oakwood, OH for many years

Jessie Owens, Fanny Blankers Koen,  Emil Zatopek

Dave Sime
Wright St. Archives Photo
There are a lot of publicity fotos of this nature when Duke was turning
him into the golden boy in 1956.   Recent Sports Illustrated article has
put a little tarnish on his image.

John Davies, Joseph Odlozil, Peter Snell

Horace Ashenfelter and his Russian twin Helsinki 1952

Horace Ashenfelter about 2014 lacing them up for his 2-3 miles every other day run.
Thanks to David Baskwill and the Penn St Track Alum and Golf Blog

Brooklyn Marathon, 1909.  Runners look contemporary, crowd a bit antiquated

Mark Wright,  WR  June 8, 1912

Fanny Rosenfeld   Canadian Sprinter ,  1920s

Nazi Track
Guy in military uniform doing a little dance

Nazi track.  Check those haircuts and spikes

Canadian Phil Edwards   only man to win 4 bronze olympic medals 1928,1932, 1936

Highway marker noting Jesse Owens' birth place in Lawrence County,  Alabama, courtesy of Pete Brown

Irish American Club of New York after setting a World Record 1200 yard relay at Celtic Park NYC  July 26, 1913 with 3 Olympians

1939 USC  two mile relay team with Louis Zampirini on left

The Ira Murchison and Walter Buddy Davis photos below are courtesy of
Wright State University special collections

Ira Muchison with some of his winnings.  No idea on the date
but you can ask Ira what time it is.

Add caption
1952 Olympic Champion Walter Buddy Davis, at the National AAU meet in 
in Dayton, Ohio 1953.  Photo by Homer Hacker Dayton Daily News staff photographer

Walter Davis  in Dayton, OH,
Homer Hacker photog

Photographer's stamp on back of the Davis Photos

Walter Davis receiving 'Most Courageous' award from Ed Pollock of the
Philadelphia Sportswriters Association 1954.   Davis had polio for six years
as a child. overcame to become Olympic High Jump champion in 1952.  He
retired from track in 1953 and signed a contract to play in the NBA.  He had
been a two sport letterman at Texas A&M.  Babe Dietrickson won the same award
for women that year.  AP wirephoto

Archie San Romani beats Glenn Cunningham at Kansas Relays

Can you name this guy?  He's not a trackster, but a houshold
name nonetheless?  See at bottom of page

A long time TV dunce?  See below.  This photo from 1951  Philadelphia

The mystery men

John Madden

Ed McMahon


Wilfred Schnier said...

Great pictures, especially for our crowd. The PV world record with the ladder was taken at Harvard, the USC relay with Louie Zamparini was in the LA Coliseum, and many other pictures at Franklin Field. Sam Stoller was not all that far behind Jesse Owens in his WR setting year of 1935. Wilt Chamberlain was always a track athlete and also a fan. Not only did he compete in HS and college but sponsored Wilt's Wonder Women for many years. The Nazi track guys looked like wannabe Skinheads which their grandchildren probably became. I always wondered if Jack Keller was a relative of mine, my mother's family name.

Susan Abuasba said...

What did the PV guys land on? There is nothing there but a patch of...sawdust?

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