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V 6 N. 20 Ryun's 880 WR Outdoors and Glenn Cunningham clip

This clip, also from the KU archives shows Jim Ryun's 880 WR set at Terre Haute, IN.   In the second clip Ryun explains that he ran a 1:51 prelim and three hours later ran the finals setting the WR.   Tom Von Ruden is the only other runner I recognize in the race.  It appears Ryun also ran and won the mile that weekend over Jim Grelle.  Great drive at the end of the 880. Maybe some of you see others you know.  Film quality leaves a bit to be desired.  The photographer got a bit carried away with a blonde female sprinter but c'est la vie.   John Lawson can also be seen in this piece in the 3 or 6 mile.  We'll certainly report more in depth on this meet when we get to July, 1966.

Jim Ryun USATFF Meet Terre Haute, IN 1966

Ryun Interview on the Terre Haute Race

Here is a 9 minute clip on Glenn Cunningham  obviously produced by someone at U. of Kansas.  Really great quality.  No sound.   Scenes on campus with other students, all of them look to be much older than today's undergrads.  Any lipreader who can enlighten us on their conversations?  This was probably taken before the 1936 Olympics as it is labled 'Glenn Cunningham, World's Greatest Miler'. Perhaps though Cunningham had already enrolled in graduate school as he went on to earn a doctorate.  In some scenes he is also wearing a vest lableled NYCE.   He did go to New York for post grad studies.    Film quality here is excellent.

Glenn Cunningham, World's Greatest Miler

I wonder how many other universities have good film archives covering track and field from the 1920s  onward.  Could be a lifetime search to find these.  Check out your alma mater's records and let us know if you find other good ones.

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