Friday, January 15, 2016

V 6 N. 2 Dave Sime R.I.P.

By now many of you probably already know that one of the legends of the late 1950s and early 1960s Dave Sime has passed away earlier this week on January 12, 2016.   He lived a truly fulfilled life, even though his Olympic goals may not have been met.   In 1956 he tore a groin muscle during the Olympic trials and failed to make the team though heavily favored to be on the podium at Melbourne. Bobby Morrow went on to be the king of the sprinters that Olympiad.   When 1960 came around  David Sime was back but running only the 100 meters.  He stayed off the curve event, the 200,  where he had been injured four years prior.  Qualifying in the 100 along side the slightly favored Ray Norton and the upstart  'thief of starts' Armin Hary of Germany,  Sime was outleaned at the wire by the Teutonic 'dieb'.    Another chance for vindication and an Olympic gold came in the 4x100.   Sime anchored the Americans and was a clear winner at the end, but joy turned sour when a red flag went up on Norton's exchange.
Drake Relays

That Olympics saw Sime recruited by the CIA to try to talk Igor Ter Ovanesyan the Russian long jumper into a high publicity defection, but it didn't come off.   Sime went home disappointed with his lone silver and settled into a life in the medical profession becoming a noted eye surgeon.   He was a star in baseball as well as football while at Duke University and passed on his talent to his daughter who was an outstanding athlete as well as her son Christian McAffrey, the Stanford running back who finished second in the Heisman polling this year.

Only two weeks ago we reported on David Sime's grandson on the link below.

Dave Sime

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