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V 5 N. 120 Stanford's Top Running Back Has a Great Lineage - Dave Sime

Rome 1960   100 Meters Final
Hary 1st, Radford 3rd, Figueroa 4th,  Budd 5th, Norton 6th, Sime 2nd
Christian McCaffrey

Subject: Christian McCaffrey's (Stanford All American running back) grandaddy

Just found out this morning that  Christian McCaffrey's maternal grandfather is Dave Sime.  Kinda gives the kid a leg up on the rest of the world.  Roy

The following article appeared recently in Newsweek discussing the incredible athletic heritage of Christian McCaffrey back to his grandpa Dave Sime, Olympic 100 meter silver medallist in Rome 1960.   Not just grandson and grandfather but all those in between the two have an impressive set of athletic credentials.   Why this was not a Sports Illustrated piece
we'll never know.

Sime McCaffrey linkage  from Newsweek Nov. 20, 2015

This came from a friend of a friend:

 I see you just sent this to me. Had I mentioned that Sime's daughter Lisa, McCaffrey's mother, went to Ransom where I taught and coached? Early in her 9th grade year I went down to the outside basketball courts where some of the kids were running line drills, challenging eachother. And this young blonde girl was right with the best male sprinter on the track team. I asked who she was and someone said, "Lisa Sime".  Oh! 
This recent Newsweek article tells all about Sime - especially his opthalmologist career in Miami. He was my opthalmologist for years. But it barely mentions Lisa Sime's own athletic accomplishments. She was good in Track but best in Soccer. Good enough to make SI's Faces in the Crowd feature as a high school junior after scoring 9 goals  in a game and 52 in that season. 

Lisa Sime    Faces in the Crowd  Sports Illustrated  1986

Back in the late Sixties I was running in a Track meet at Dade South. The Gold Coast AAU Championships, as I recall. Looked up during the 100 prelims and this mid-30s white guy was beating some of rhe best Miami area sprinters. And I knew I recognized the stride. Dave Sime had just showed up. I think I still have a newspaper clipping somewhere with both our names in the results.   Geoff Pietsch

Here is Bud Greenspan's bit on the 1960 sprinting debacle in Rome.    You even get a bit of Melbourne and some Ohio St. Michigan St. football in this clip.   Apologies.

Rome Sprints Greenspan

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