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V 5 N. 118 More on Adolph Plummer,seldom seen photos and teammate comments

Yesterday we announced the passing of Adolph Plummer.  In the few hours since that release,  Adolph's teammates have been communicating with each other and some of these comments and especially these exceptional photos have surfaced from those conversations.  Planning is already underway to erect a statue in honor of Mr. Plummer.  Thanks especially to Rene Matison and Pete Brown for the photos below.

At the age of 19/20 years , I ran the  220 yard dash against Adolph. He was in the third lane ,I was in the fourth lane. I thought as I was running the curve that I  was doing pretty good.....UNTIL Adolph pulled along side of me at the top of the curve and said "Rene let's go". It seemed as for every 2 strides I took, Adolph took one. Here is how I describe his running...smooth as silk, cheetah, gazelle.  
I won the race...There is no doubt in my mind he allowed me to win.

Here are some pictures from my files.

Rene Matison

Adolph Plummer and Earl Young     Wow!!!  Ever see two more relaxed quartermilers?
supplied by Rene Matison

Repeat Performance, this time against  Dennis Richardson (or Earl Young?) waiting for confirmation
supplied by Rene Matison 

Adolph Plummer, Ed Lloyd, Jim Stewart, Joe Garcia, Art Carter
supplied by Rene Matison

Arizona State vs. University of New Mexico Ulis Williams holding off Adolph on the Mile Relay
supplied by Rene Matison
Holy Cow 6850 spectators for a dual meet?  I bet the basketball coach was jealous.

supplied by Pete Brown

Supplied by Rene Matison
220 on old Zimmerman Field March 25, 1962
New Mexico v. Brigham Young
Plummer Lane 4,  Jim Whitfield Lane 2 Larry Kelly Lane 3
Zimmerman Field was last used in 1962 for Track and Football
supplied by Ray Mathison
Supplied by Pete Brown

 L to R: Joe Garcia, Ed Lloyd, Pete Brown and Adolph Plummer on the way from Abq to Los Angeles for the Coliseum Relays.

On Friday, May 17, 1963, Adolph blew the crowd of 35,000 away with a 44.7 mile relay split. Freshman Art Carter led off in 48.8, Joe Garcia 47.1, freshman Ed Lloyd 47.5 and Adolph Plummer 44.7 for 3:08.1. This was eight days before Adolph broke the world record in the 440.

Hi Pete,

Just read your story on Dolf. Well done. In respectful humor I say — He beat me again. He was awesome when he wanted to be.
Be sure and let me know when the memorial will be.


Earl Young

Adolph was a great man.  I'm flooded with memories of so many races I had the privilege to watch.
We will gladly support a memorial to him.
Thank you Pete for sending his track bio.

Jon Epperson 

From Ed Lloyd
Thank you for these photos, they bring back a lot of memories.  As young freshmen from Boston, Art Carter and I had some great experiences with Dolph  and learned an awful lot from him concerning the mental aspects of running, stride length and pace through the first 330.  There is so much one can say about him, but nothing speaks louder than his plain natural ability and kindness.


Great photos Rene. Thanks for sending.

I just remembered something from Adolph’s record run.  I was a sophomore in high school at the time. The day after the run, I was reading the sports page, and there was a great quote. I wish I could remember the writer, but I have to plead old age and poor memory on that one.

Anyhow, the writer was explaining that records are normally lowered by pecking away in small chunks. However, he said on this one,  “Plummer blew this record away into unrecognizable smithereens.”

I thought that was a good description.

Chuck Schuch

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