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V 5 N. 106 First World War Cross Country

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Posted: 19 Oct 2015 03:07 PM PDT

A hundred years ago, as the First World War raged, combatants on all sides were facing a far more serious muddy and bloody ordeal. But in training camps and elsewhere there was still some cross country running...

Cross Country Team, 2nd Officer Cadet Battalion, Cambridge, 1917

Cross Country Race, Somerset Light Infantry 1918

Southern Cross Country Association 1916 (ebay)

flipside of above Southern Counties medal - 18 November 1916, Bandsman B. Mayson, 11th Reserve Battalion
 - 5 mile race at Shorncliffe (barracks near Folksestone, Kent)

Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine, Cross Country Team 1915
Allied cross-country race at the Auteuil racecourse. The mound. Paris, on October 29, 1916. Photograph published in the newspaper "Excelsior" of Monday, October 30, 1916.

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