Monday, November 9, 2015

V 5 N. 103 Coe Is Struggling Valiantly to Prove He Was Unconcious The Last Eight Years

Well,  the WADA report is out, all 323  pages of it which I have not and may never have time to read and digest. The salmon are still running in the Puntlege River.  I have my priorities.   However British news reports are having a field day pillorying Sebastian Coe, Olympic Chanpion, Peer of the Realm, and Organizer of the 2012 Olympics.  It is truly hard to believe that the man was tight with Lamine Diack the past eight years and never knew what was going on in the IAAF regarding doping fraud.    Fortunately for Kenya they received a reprieve in the WADA report. However I doubt they are completely off the hook.  There is a call for the IAAF to suspend Russia from the next Olympics, but this still is far from a done deal.  The impact on the Olympics either with a Russian ban or allowing Russia to compete seems from this angle to be a no win situation.  I fall back on my earlier suggestion that there be two classifications in all contests,  'tested, found  clean'  and 'untested who cares?'.

WADA report  Here is the report  all 323 pages for your perusal.  Maybe it should be called
What a Report!

See what the Daily Mail Online has to say in this article by Martin Samuel
Coe Comprimised?

Eugene World Championships Called into Question by Swedes  another Daily Mail Online article questioning the cleanliness of the awarding of the 2012 WC's to Eugene.  If this is even remotely factual, my question would be not how much Diack got to award the event to Eugene, but who was the money coming from?

Science of Running 7 Thoughts on IAAF  Here you get seven thoughts on the situation by Steve Magess.

Ten Thoughts on WADA Report  from Ben Bloom of The Telegraph.  You get three extra thoughts on this one.

Guardian Owen Gibson  This piece written by Owen Gibson writing for The Guardian  seems to make the most sense.

And in closing, I'm attaching a picture I found in the book by Life Magazine   "The Olympics from Athens to Athens.
 This shows the first Olympic Village in Paris 1924.  It looks like a refugee camp,, a Hooverville, or a migrant workers' camp circa 1930 in the San Juaqin Valley.  Bet the big boys in Paris at the IOC hostel weren't living like this.  Leads one to see why the athlete has always been the pawn for the enjoyment of businessmen and les grandes fonctionnaires of world sport.  Let's not forget that Avery Brundage had to push hard to keep the US team going to the 1936 Olympics in Berlin when there was a populist movement to boycott the games,  and his friends the Nazis didn't forget Avery's hard work when they awarded Brundage's construction company the contract to build a new German embassy in Washington DC before WWII.  And to close my arguments,  if cheating is not endemic in Russian sport, how does Premier Putin score 7 goals in those pick up hockey games we occasionally see on the telly?

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