Thursday, October 22, 2015

V 5 N. 95 Several Stories and Pictures

From various sources these stories and pictures came.  First from the IAAF website, the account of Kira Grunberg's pole vaulting injury and rehabilitation.  Grunberg , a world class Austrian vaulter was rendered a paraplegic this summer prior to the Beijing WC's.  To read this article is heartening but also very, very sad to see a young person ending up this way.  We can only hope that she will continue to make progress and be able to resume her studies in pharmacy somewhere down the line.
Kira Grunberg

On to other more pleasant topics.   From : A chap named Hugh Barrow , writing on the "I Was or Am a Runner" facebook site, comes this picture and brief explanation about an historic event.

Tom Riddell as he left the beach at Dunkirk picked up a discarded rifle brought it home gave it to a relative who used to help arrest Rudolf Hess near Eaglesham.
As some of you history buffs may recall,  Herr Hess made a break with the Nazis and jumped out of a plane
over England and was arrested.  Spent the rest of his days after the war in Spandau prison in Germany.  

Recently a new book "The Illegal" by Laurence Hill who wrote  "The Book of Negroes" has been published.  It's the story of an elite marathoner, who is also an illegal immigrant in a fictitious country.  The focus is on undocumented immigrants and their daily plight to survive, but it also has some of the underbelly of the elite distance running world included.  If someone would like to do a review of the book, we would be happy to put it on our pages.  I tried to reserve the book in my local library, but there are 272 people ahead of me and only 7 copies of the book. For a brief description and short interview with author, see:

The Illegal

John Walker , documentary.
Also culled from "I Was Or Am A Runner" is this New Zealand documentary on John Walker's career.

John Walker     There are two segments each about 14 minutes long.  Good footage of his big races.

Then:   Former world class sprinter Steve Williams posted this bit on the same site we've been listing.  Apparently at one time Steve was hired as  speed coach for the New York Mets baseball team.

Mets Go Faster

1987-91 NY MET'S Speed Improvement Coach
The time is now, we've waited long enough ! Last World series 86

Remember this guy,  Western Kentucky, back in the day?

British Masters Relays , Sutton Park 21/5/2005

John Mather's photo.

Presidential Candidate is a former Cross Country runner

Bernie Sanders pictured here in his 1959 yearbook photo for James Madison HS , Brooklyn , NY is listed as captain of the cross county and track teams.
Sen. Chuck Shumer and comedian Larry David also walked the halls of James Madison.

Bernie Sanders and Willie Nelson, Two Old Runners

Don't believe me?  Check below.

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