Wednesday, August 12, 2015

V 5 N. 76 Nick Symmonds Affair Goes on

Nick Symmonds on

Yesterday and today we posted stories on the Nick Symmonds affair vis a vis his being left of the US team for the World Track and Field Championships by USATF due to his refusal to sign an agreement to wear only the official team clothing at non-competition functions during the period of the World Championships in Beijing.   Whether an athlete representing the US in international competition can wear clothing of his personally contracted sponsor in non-track venues is under question here.  Athletes' independence to contract and represent companies other than the 'official team sponsor' is at stake here, and I am sure many of you have already formed an opinion.   

Nick has posted a petition asking for your  support of his views on the website   If you wish to support Nick you can click directly on the caption above and sign the petition.   You can also chose to ignore the petition.  We are putting this out to you, because of some of the strong opinions that have been expressed to us in the past 24 hours.  

Please be aware that after voting, may/will  try to hit you up for a donation, but that is not necessary to do to get your vote out.  There is also a block to make a comment on the subject.
That comment will not appear on our blog, but may be accessible to the public through's site.  Also once you vote for a cause on that site, you will more than likely receive future petitions for other causes.  To avoid these you will have to look at the bottom of any email coming from to where you can 'unsubscribe' from further emails from them.

Not knowing all of the facts in the case, we are not advocating a position at this time, but feel it is of use to make a venue available to our readers to let the parties concerned in this matter know what the track world is thinking.


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