Wednesday, June 24, 2015

V 5 N. 60 Some Old Track Programs

No hard hitting editorials in this posting, just some neat old programs from track meets in the late 1960s in San Diego, CA , The San Diego Invitational  1966, 67, 68 and the Oklahoma City Invitational of 1969.  Maybe some of you saw these meets or ran in them.  Hope they bring back some good memories and some good stories if you care to share them.  We'll send each program in separate postings.  Thanks to Mike Solomon who sent them in to us.  I'm posting the covers and some of the inside pages.  If you want the page from a specific event, let me know.   I'll be mailing them back soon, Mike.

"Thanks George,
I never saw this program, which was the meet that I ran my first sub-4 finishing just ahead of Tim Danielson."

David Bailey

These programs bring back good memories of our sport we love so much. When people could hear the crunching of spikes on a cinder dirt track. The fans enjoyed watching the competition  as a pure athletic event, with no other interferences."

Phil Scott

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