Tuesday, June 9, 2015

V. 5 N 54 The Adventure Continues

Here are some more pictures from our trip to Eugene

Lt. Dellinger winning the Pan American Games 5000 at Soldiers' Field , Chicago 1959 over Oswaldo Suarez of Argentina

Bill Dellinger and Billy Mills

Note from Mary Decker Slaney thanking Bill for his help preparing for Atlanta Olympics

Sao Silvestre Trophy

Trophy from Boston A.A. for indoor two mile win  8:49

Pre and Bill

Remembering Pre at gathering of U of O teammates

Mike Manley, 1972 Olympic Steeplechaser and a
2 hr 15 min. marathon at age 40

Paul Geis

John Jaqua study center for Oregon athletes

East Stands at Hayward Field

Mary Decker Slaney one of athletes honored at the 40th Pre Classic

Your reporter and Patrick Casey former and current indoor
mile record holders at U. of Oklahoma  1964 and 2015

Oregon Coast

Julie Brown and Bill Dellinger

Bill Dellinger and Vladmir Kuts

Oregon teammates and Olympians with Coach Bowerman
Jim Grelle, Dave Edstrom, Sig Ohlemann,  Bowerman, Harry Jerome, Bill Dellinger, Otis Davis

Bill asking us ,  Guess who?   The high school kid on the sideline?   Kennie Moore

Early in Melbourne 5,000.  Bolotnikov, Bill, Tabori, Ibbotson, Pirie, Kuts, Chataway, Thomas, Mugosa, Thogerson, Schade, Maiyoro, Cherniavskiy, Szabo

Bill Dellinger and Steve Prefontaine

Bill training in his Air Force days

Bill with R.M. Nixon and Rudy Haluza, race walker  probably 1960 Olympic trials. Nixon was running for president against
Kennedy at the time.  Thanks to Ernie Cunliffe for identifying Haluza

Bill in a race in Greece, 1958

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Suzanne DeCuir said...

Binge reading all your posts today...so much that's interesting here such as a 40 yr. old (Manley) running a 2:15 marathon. Thanks for all this great history.

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