Wednesday, June 3, 2015

V 5 N. 50 Salazar and NOP Under Scrutiny by BBC

Just when one thinks they've heard it all with doping and other skullduggery in world class sport, another story breaks clear of the others.   This past week the corruption charges on world soccer seemed to take the heat off everyone else.  Now this story on the Nike Oregon Project and their head coach Alberto Salazar is breaking in the track world.  It's too early to form an educated opinion but some fairly big names are standing up and calling to question the legitimacy of the efforts and success that have come the way of this program.  The BBC has scheduled a program today to drop this news on the rest of the world.    If you want to hear the BBC report, see instructions below.


The above link will connect you to an article that just came out on Pro Publica by David Epstein.

From: Eric Finan

You can watch the video on demand here from the BBC.

There's a catch though: you can only watch it if you have a UK IP address. One way to do that would be to install a VPN service like this extension for the Chrome Browser. Once you install that app on the Chrome Browser and run it, it masks your IP address and makes it "appear" to the website that you live in the UK, which enables you to watch the show.

If that's too much to do, then I honestly think this article from ProPublica by David Epstein is better than what the show actually on the BBC shows and includes all of the information that was in the show.

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