Monday, May 25, 2015

V 5 N 44 Comrades Ultramarathon this Weekend

A reminder came today that this coming weekend is the 90th running of the Comrades Marathon,
a double marathon in South Africa.  The race is limited to 23,000 entries.  Current registration is
over 22,000, so there's still time for you procrastinators to get in and get down there to the starting

This info came from Neville Soll, an old Oklahoma teammate who has run this race three times with
the experience of a quarter miler,  half miler under his belt.  

See this website for info but also a well documented history of the race.   

Hi George
Trust that you are well.
Just as a matter of interest it is the 90th running of the Comrades Marathon this Sunday. This 90km (51miles) is the greatest ultra marathon is the world. It was first run in 1921 with a handful of runners competing. This race has grown by leaps and bounds There are 23000 entries for this years race. In South Africa most people who take up road running end up doing this race. It has such a tradition and is the aim of most road runners to try it at least once. I have managed 3
I have attached the website for this race as it could be of interest to some ultra marathon nuts. Also in the web site is the history of the first race. It is a great sporting event and the full race from start to finish is broadcast with most of the country tuning in to watch.  The winner will complete the race in about hours 30 minutes. The cut off time is 12 hours. The bulk of the field finishes in 11 to 12 hours.

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